Dieregsweiler Oberflächentechnik


Surface preparation with angular or round steel shot.

Components with a unit weight of up to 30 tons and an overall length of 20 m can be processed in our production hall.

Environmental protection is ensured by a modern extraction system and an environment-friendly processing of the blasting medium.

sandblasted pipes
  Blasting booth

Blasting booth

max. material width 5.000 mm
max. material height 5.000 mm
max. material length 20.000 mm
max. unit weight 30.000 kg  
  Continuous feed blasting plant

Continuous feed blasting plant with a feed speed of 0.5 to 10 m per minute.

max. material width 2.000 mm
max. material height 1.500 mm
max. material length 15.000 mm
max. unit weight 10.000 kg